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Khe Kem - Con Cuong Falls

Approximately 25km away from Con Cuong town, Phuoc Waterfall is considered to be one of the natural wonders of Pu Mat National Park. Because in the mountainous area, the waterfall has a height of about 500, a slope of 800m, making the water pour from the top down, through three steps, white foam splashed beautifully.

The top and the two sides of the waterfall is a vegetation with hundreds of flowers all year round. At the foot of the waterfall is a long stream of water with flat stones as large tables as a place for visitors. Also at the foot of the waterfall, is the small lake with a shallow depth different, visitors can bathe here, creating a picture of beautiful nature.

Because in the mountains, the weather here is very pleasant, especially in the summer, always in a cool state.

Visitors can visit the national park, enjoy the waterfall to enjoy the cool air and fresh environment of nature, drink wine, eat rice or see the dance of the people Thai.

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