Saigon Kimlien - TP Vinh

Address: 25 Quang Trung street - Vinh - Nghe An    Reservation Line: 0964 36 39 68

Bai Lu

It belongs to Nghi Loc district of Nghe An. The name Bai Lu derives from the name of Lu Son Mountain standing thousands of years on the beach.

To Bai Lu, visitors will be overwhelmed by the perfect combination between the clear blue water of the sea is shimmered by the natural stone, and the blue side of the forest. reaching out to the sea. What is more special is Bai Lu intact the wild beauty that nature has given. Clear water can see each small pebbles, long sandy beaches like the ribbon winding along the wave line to create a soft, charming grace of the girl.

Standing on Lu Mountain, visitors can see a large area. The sea (East - South) clearly see Pisces, Eye Island, Lan Chau and closer to the mainland is Hung Linh, Lan Chau, Mount Rong, Mount Lo ...

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