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Hon Ngu Island

Pisces Island is located more than 4 km from the mainland. The island consists of two small islands. The big one is 133m high and the small one is 88m above sea level. Phan Huy Chu wrote in the book "Calendar tide charter types of press": Mountain Song Ngan in door pool Conference Mini ... like the two fish, further referred to as mountain Pisces, locals simply call it desertion or Hon fishermen. to look at the overview of Island fishermen have to stand from the river. river Cua main branch comes from tributaries west, flowing through Perfume Yun, Phan Thanh. After dividing the country for Channel Le glacier via Thien Management, now the National Highway 1A in litigation before flowing between Ru nosepiece and Ru is forbidden, out to the sea, the encounter howler solution, followed by the howler Village Dry coast north up the river bending flows south and empties into the sea .

Proverbs say: There are many mountains and rivers. Not only mountains but also sea. There is Pisces on the outside, it makes Cua Lo beach more poetic, beautiful. The blue seasons of the sea stretch far to the far away, the colors of the red cliffs of the island in the morning light. In the afternoon table board, empty, people in the heart still heavy, when looking at it also less sorry. Island shelters for small fishing boats. The pagoda located west of Nguoi Pagoda was built in the 13th century with pagodas and temples; The Pagoda has Upper Pagoda, Lower Pagoda, each Pagoda has 3 roofs with yin and yang; The beams carved the sacred objects (Long, Ly, Quy, Phuong) very beautiful and very sacred; Temple garden with many trees grow naturally as undergraduate, Mung, Below (in the temple garden plants Under existing ancient 02) and 01 freshwater wells Wells called Jade. Apart from beach tourism, island sightseeing enjoy the fresh air you can participate in mountain climbing, boat excursions around the island, visit the Fishing Island betting culture. The island is really an attractive tourist destination for all visitors to Cua Lo and "To Cua Lo must come to Ngu Island".

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