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Address: 212 Binh Minh - Cua Lo town - Nghe An    Reservation Line: 0862 36 39 68

Cua Lo port

Cua Lo port is located on the south bank of the Cam river, in the area of ​​Nghi Tan ward, Cua Lo town, which is convenient for international trade and especially for Laos and northeastern Thailand. Lan. The port was built in 1979 and was put into operation in 1985. After many times of expansion and upgrading, Cua Lo port has a total area of ​​32ha with 4 wharves with a total length of 780m; the depth of the landing area is 7.5 m, the depth of the channel is 5.5 m; Equipped with many modern synchronous equipment, there is a lifting capacity of 130 tons for loading and unloading super-heavy cargo.

The port can accommodate 4 ships of 10,000 tons each. It can handle 6,000-8,000 tons of cargo a year, reaching nearly one million tons per year. Currently, the port has been dredged, expanded and upgraded to accommodate ships of 20,000 tons and increase the volume of cargo through the port annually over 2 million tons. In the long run, with the plan to develop tourism to turn Cua Lo into a tourist resort, the use of small and medium boats is feasible. Geographically, ships from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hainan Island (China) can take Cua Lo on its own and only a few days on the coast can travel to tourist destinations. Famous for Nghe An, Ha Tinh and even World Natural Heritage - Phong Nha - Ke Bang. Passenger ships are a big business and developed in the community especially for the elderly, which is an ideal way to visit Asia and the East. Cua Lo port is located on the best position in the North of Central Vietnam for the development of marine services market. The possibilities of shore excursions to the most beautiful places in Vietnam have created Cua Lo an ideal location for both cruise ship companies to the surrounding ports.

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