Saigon Kimlien Resort - Cửa  Lò

Address: 212 Binh Minh - Cua Lo town - Nghe An    Reservation Line: 0862 36 39 68

Cua Hoi Ecological Tourist

Cua Hoi Ecological Tourist Area was established in 2000 on an area of ​​5 hectares, nestled under the green casuarina forest. The ecotourism resort offers seafood seafood dining, separate house on stilts, freshwater lake fishing, beach bathing ... This is the ideal resort for those who want to escape the noisy air, bustle of the city. Especially from this location, tourists can see the island of fish with two consecutive islands, explain why, the island is also called Pisces. In the near future, Cua Hoi eco-tourist area is planned to be located in the land of the Cultural Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups in Cua Lo. When this project is put into operation, it will contribute to preserving and promoting Nghe cultural identity, extending the residence time of visitors, creating an important point for Cua Lo tourism.

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