Saigon Kimlien Resort - Cửa  Lò

Address: 212 Binh Minh - Cua Lo town - Nghe An    Reservation Line: 0862 36 39 68

Lan Chau island

Lan Chau Island is located close to the coast, the locality is also called Ruc, because the island is shaped like a giant toad stretching out to sea. Lan Chau island divides Cua Lo beach into two separate areas. Especially when the tide is up, all legs are submerged under sea water, when the tide is down, west island connected to the mainland into the peninsula. To the east, the cliffs stretch out to the sea, due to the abrasion of the wind and the waves that make these rocks have interesting shapes. At the top of the island, there is a pavilion of King Bao Dai, from which you can see the whole city, Cua Lo port and view the sea.

Currently, Lan Chau Island is being planned as a high-class resort and water sport, coming soon there will be built bridges for tourists to visit Ngu Island, Eye Island and cruise lines. Cua Lo is considered as one of the most ideal beaches in Vietnam: with a length of nearly 10 km, surrounded by two rivers at both ends, the slope is smooth, water blue waves, moderate waves, appropriate salinity are the characteristics that not every beach has. Cua Lo beach is divided into three small beaches: Lan Chau beach (in the north), Xuan Huong beach (in the middle) and Song Ngu beach (in the south). Currently, the tourism sector mainly in Xuan Huong beach. Therefore, the potential of Cua Lo Beach is still great. In the future, the remaining two beaches will be invested to build high-class tourism projects such as: resort, water sports, World Youth Park, tourism-trade-sport complex, Cultural villages of Vietnam, Oceanographic Museum ... When these projects come into operation will bring Cua Lo tourism activities all year round, increase income, solve many jobs for people local.

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